Be Restored to Health was Galina’s third book and well-received by readers. This book was endorsed by the late Dr. Hans Selye, who actually coined the term stress from his clinical observations. This book has an integrative approach and can be of great help on the physical, emotional, spiritual level as a person tries to be restored to health, and happiness in their lives.
Healing Thoughts for Wounded Hearts is a book that friends give to their friends and loved ones. It is a book that creates a response in the heart of the reader and gives hope and help to the reader to find ways to heal woundedness in their lives. Many readers use this book as a guide and use the interactive exercises as a means to gain more personal insight into their lives and behaviors. 
Memories, Musings and Mystics is a culmination of Galina’s entire life with her thoughts, musings and spiritual sayings integrated into an interesting and informative book. Through the short stories and musings, the reader can meditate and gain more insight into their own personal, spiritual journey. This book will appeal to anyone with a spiritual inclination and will give much room to think and meditate on certain portions of the book. One reader wept as she read certain passages, and another found herself holding and kissing the book with a thankful heart. Read and find your response to these personal musings and reflections.

Join Galina in her journey’s into healing and wholeness in each of these books.